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Better Living Through Technology: The Best Apps For Senior Citizens

June 30 2017

Better Living Through Technology: The Best Apps For Senior Citizens Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. In fact, the ability to obtain knowledge is literally at the tip of your fingers. You can do anything from ordering a pizza to getting a transcript of the Gettysburg Address just by opening an app. You’ve heard it said and it’s really true: there’s an app for just about everything.
Choosing The Right App
Now more than ever, senior citizens are embracing technology and loving it. People 65 and over were only in their 40’s when the internet really started to boom, so browsing and searching are relatively familiar to those who have reached retirement age. Though embracing technology is easy, sometimes knowing what apps you need, and which ones you don’t, can be tricky. To help you weed through the good, the bad, and the useless, we’ve come up with a list of apps that all senior citizens should have.
• Skype. This is an important app that can be used to keep in contact with loved ones. Not only can you make inexpensive long-distance calls, you can send instant messages to keep in touch. Best of all, Skype allows you to do video chats for free when you have wireless internet.
• WebMD. Though one should always rely on the advice of a doctor instead of making their own diagnosis, WebMD offers more than just ways to check your cold symptoms. You also get exercise and healthy eating advice, as well as tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (But the symptom check can be handy, too.)
• Blood Pressure Monitor. Speaking of health issues, this app helps you track your blood pressure and weight so you don’t need to call your doctor or look for your records. It helps you take control of your health and stay in shape.
• Easy Facebook For Seniors. This is an app that takes the junk out of your favorite social media, giving you a streamlined and less cluttered view. Keeping in touch with friends and family just got easier.
• Pandora. Everyone loves to listen to music, and with Pandora, you can listen to whatever you like, wherever you have internet. You can create your own customized stations that play only your favorites, from Hank Williams to Rhianna. And for $3.99 a month, you can go ad and commercial free.
• Voice Reading. For those who would rather listen than read, this app reads your texts, email messages, and info from the internet out loud so you don’t have to. Especially helpful with small text or for use while driving.

Having the right app can help senior citizens maintain their independent lifestyle and stay updated and connected to the world around them. Whether you enjoy a senior apartment, an independent living community, or even assisted living, stay in touch and aware with the right app for your needs.