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Discussing A Potential Move With Your Elderly Loved One

July 21 2017

Discussing A Potential Move With Your Elderly Loved OneFor one reason or another, you may have decided that the time has come - it is time to discuss a move with the beloved senior citizen in your life. Whether it be because they can’t keep up with their home as it currently exists or because they are having health issues, it is an overwhelming and important time. Consider these tips when discussing a potential move with your elderly loved one.
• Communication is a Must – Having a conversation about moving to a retirement community can be daunting. Even though it will be tough, you need to have an open and honest dialogue with your loved one before deciding the best course of action. It may be helpful to communicate why you think a move is in their best interest.
• Research and Plan – Both you and your loved one should do a thorough amount of research. It’s their retirement home, so they should have a significant amount of choice. You should bring ideas and suggestions to the table. Get a feel for what they are interested in. Some communities, such as Lockwood, offer activities, dining, housekeeping, laundry services, transportation and an independent lifestyle. These things could be what your loved one is looking for in a retirement home.
• Prepare for A Project – Moving out of your loved one’s long-term home will be no small task. Enlist relatives and your extended family to help sort and organize your loved one’s belongings as you begin packing. If possible, have your enlisted helpers assist with any cleaning or repairs that need to be completed on the home before it is sold.