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Why Exercise Is So Important As You Age

July 14 2017

Why Exercise Is So Important As You Age If you’re an active adult who has reached retirement age, you’ll find plenty of reasons why life in a senior living community can be the best decision you ever made. From events to activities, you’ll stay busy discovering new things to do and experience. And with housekeeping services available, you’ll be able to use all of your energy on things other than cleaning!
The Exercises You Need For A Healthy Body
Even the most active adult can benefit from getting enough exercise in their day. There are four basic types of exercise that can benefit seniors, including:
Endurance activities. This includes anything that can get your heart pumping and increase your breathing. Choose jogging, dancing, or biking. For the less active adult, consider low impact activities such as swimming or walking to build your endurance gradually.
Strength exercises. These will make your muscles stronger, increase your metabolism, and help keep weight and blood sugar under control. Try lifting weights (start off slowly) or using resistance bands.
Balance exercises. The number one reason for this is to help prevent falls. With over 300,000 broken hips in hospitals across the country each year, many of them seniors, you need all the help you can get to stay upright and mobile. Building your leg muscles is key.
Stretching and flexibility exercises. Keep your muscles stretched out and limber. This will allow you to move freely as you age so that you can remain an active adult. Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are good ones to try.

Many senior living communities offer classes in many of these activities, such as yoga or aerobics, so you can join and stay active with your friends and fellow residents. It’s all about keeping your body strong and healthy so that you can continue to enjoy your wonderful life as you age without worrying about the things that can pull you down and keep you there. The first step is taking a step—and maybe getting a new pair of good sneakers to step with.