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Cyber Seniors Is A Great Program For Teens And Senior Citizens

August 4 2017

Cyber Seniors Is A Great Program For Teens And Senior Citizens The Cyber Seniors program is an exciting way for senior citizens and teenagers to connect. The program allows teenagers to share their technological knowledge with the elderly. The intergenerational opportunity provides senior citizens with support and friendship while stimulating their mind.
What Is The Cyber Seniors Program?
The Cyber Seniors program was founded by two sisters in 2009, inspired to act after seeing how internet access transformed their grandparents’ lives. The program allows students to volunteer at nursing homes to teach senior citizens to use the internet and other forms of technology. The program is intended to improve senior citizens’ knowledge of the internet so that they able to join internet communities and communicate with their friends and family online. Together, the sisters developed a training manual and helped expand the program by recruiting their friends to join their efforts.
Becoming A Mentor
As a teenage student, you have a tremendous opportunity to help improve the life of your grandparents or other elderly people in your life. You can also earn community service hours by helping teach cyber-skills to the elderly. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you can visit the Cyber Seniors website here. The process to become a mentor is not difficult, and will be incredibly rewarding once you begin to participate in the program!
Interested In Learning More?
If you are interested in seeing the program, you can view the 2014 documentary Cyber Seniors. Produced by Saffron Cassaday, the film tracks reluctant senior citizens who discover the internet with the help of their student mentors. After exploring the internet, the senior citizens compete in a video competition on YouTube. A New York Times review stated, “This is a sweet tale that will resonate with anyone who has tried to make a Skype call to a grandparent.”
You can also visit the Cyber Seniors website, where you access a free Computer Training for Seniors Toolkit Guide. The guide contains topics that include
• Introduction to Computers for Seniors
• Using the Internet for Seniors
• Keyboard Training for Seniors
• Using Email for Seniors
Independent Living For The Elderly
Lockwood Senior Living provides activities for senior citizens while promoting independent living. By learning to use the internet, the elderly person in your life can continue with the independent living they are accustomed to. They will be able to remain in contact with you so that they can feel connected and you can rest easy knowing they are safe and healthy.