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Keeping Seniors Active

August 18 2017

Keeping Seniors ActiveBeing an active adult is extremely important for a senior citizens’ physical and mental health. As they get older, it will become more and more difficult for them to maintain an active lifestyle. However, as they age, it becomes even more important for them to do so. What are the benefits of keeping senior citizens active?

Improved Mental Health

As people age, isolation becomes a big problem. It becomes easier for seniors to distance themselves from family and friends if they do not remain active. The University of California, San Francisco reports that 18% of senior citizens live alone. Of those individuals, 43% say that they regularly feel lonely. As feelings of loneliness increase so too does the risk of death – by nearly 50%. Loneliness can dramatically reduce a senior citizen’s cognitive performance.
Encouraging seniors to remain active adults can help minimize these feelings. There are many ways to do this. One is to encourage them to participate in the hobbies that they love, whether that be playing a sport or attending a craft show. Anything that will get your loved one up out of the house and interacting with others can dramatically improve their mental state.
You can also stay connected with them and provide interaction. You can check in on them, or use technology to stay in touch. Having them participate in a program like the Cyber Seniors program could be very rewarding as well. Not only will this teach them skills that will be beneficial, but it will allow them to connect with younger generations, including their grandchildren and their Cyber Seniors student mentor.

Improved Physical Fitness

It probably goes without saying that remaining active will improve your loved one’s physical fitness. As diseases and illnesses become more troublesome later in life, it is more important for seniors to move around as much as possible. Staying physical fit will improve their health and help them live a longer life. Even walking for a few minutes a day is beneficial!

Retirement Communities That Promote Active Lifestyles

There are some retirement communities, including those offered by Lockwood, that promote independent living for the active adult. In these communities, the staff provides activities, dining, housekeeping, laundry services, and transportation. Not having to worry about chores, seniors are encouraged to get up and get moving throughout the day. With more time on their hands, seniors can remain active, improving their quality of life!