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Did You Celebrate National Assisted Living Week?

September 22 2017

Did You Celebrate National Assisted Living Week? This year’s National Assisted Living Week was celebrated September 10 – September 16. The week is a celebration of all those who contribute to the happiness of senior citizens currently in assisted living communities. It’s a time for senior citizens and their surrounding support group to get together and recognize the important contributions that everyone makes.

What Is The National Assisted Living Week?

The National Center for Assisted Living began celebrating National Assisted Living Week in 1995. According to their website, the week “provides a unique opportunity for residents, their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and the surrounding communities to recognize the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. The annual observance encourages assisted living communities around the country to offer a variety of events and activities to celebrate the individuals they serve, as well as to help educate members of the public about this distinctive aspect of long term care.” This is in addition to the provided activities that help promote an independent lifestyle.
Their website continues, specifying that “for many assisted living caregivers, their dedication and consideration develops into a deep emotional attachment, where staff and residents come to think of each other as family. Whether getting to know the residents inside and out, listening to their stories, spending time after hours to do something nice for them, or being there in their final moments, this National Assisted Living Week is meant to honor those caregivers who give their hearts and souls to their residents.”

This Year’s Theme

The NCAL decided that “Family is Forever” would be the theme for the week. The theme was based on a quote from famed poet Maya Angelou which said, “Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs: the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.”
NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle said at the time the theme was announced, “Anyone who has spent valuable time in an assisted living community has seen how staff can come to think of their residents like family. It takes a special person to work in our profession, and often, caregivers form bonds that can never be broken. This National Assisted Living Week, we want to recognize these amazing individuals who give their heart and soul to their residents, as well as those seniors and individuals with disabilities who leave a lasting imprint on their caregivers.”

Celebrations Across The Nation

Many assisted living facilities across the country took full advantage of the week and hosted events that are fun for senior citizens, their families, and the staff at the facility. Events included picnics, opportunities to craft, games, music, and plenty of food. It’s an exciting time! Hopefully, you could celebrate it accordingly. If not, speak to a member at your assisted living facility to ensure the festivities will be properly recognized next year.