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When Do Your Parents Need Assisted Living?

September 1 2017

When Do Your Parents Need Assisted Living? It may come over time or it may happen suddenly, but as your parents begin to age, you’ll likely need to consider moving your parents into a retirement community.
Consider the following tips and warning signs that will help you determine if your parents need to be relocated to a retirement community.

Sudden Warning Signs

If the senior citizen in your life has recently suffered an accident, or perhaps a scary fall, it may be time to consider moving into a retirement community. Although accidents are bound to happen, the likelihood of them occurring increases with age. If an accident were to occur, can you trust that someone would be able to come to your loved one’s rescue?
Health is also a good indicator of whether it is time to move into a retirement community. If the senior in your life recently took a long time to recover from a disease or sickness, they may be better off receiving professional care and monitoring in a retirement community. If they have a chronic health condition that has noticeably worsened, a move could also be beneficial.

Long-Term Changes

You may notice changes in your senior’s moods, behaviors, and daily activities that indicate a move into a retirement community may be in their best interest. If you notice that they are struggling to perform activities of daily living, there should be cause for concern. Visit their house from time to time to check in. If you notice unopened mail and a messy home, your beloved senior may be suffering from dementia or something similar, where an assisted living facility would be beneficial to their well-being.
Any gradual changes in physical appearance are also indicative that it may be time for assisted living. If the senior in your life undergoes noticeable weight loss or weight gain, these could be signs that they are ill or unable to shop and cook for themselves. If you begin smelling bad body odors, or notice things such as a typically clean-shaven man being unshaven, the individual may be having a hard time maintaining their personal hygiene.
Lastly, if the senior citizen in your life changes their personality and moods, a move into a retirement community could be worthwhile. If your loved one is clearly seeking out friendships because they are lonely, or have cut back on their interests and hobbies, you should be on alert.

The Transition Does Not Need To Be Dramatic

If you are worried about your parents’ ability to perform basic duties but know they are still vibrant and full of life, consider moving them into a community that promotes independent lifestyles. These communities will offer activities, dining, housekeeping, laundry services, and transportation to help make life as easy as possible.