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Online Interactions Make Independent Living Easy

November 10 2017

Online Interactions Make Independent Living Easy“Old people have trouble with computers” is an old stereotype, and it’s becoming increasingly outdated. For one thing, personal computers have been around for decades at this point and even the Dot Com Boom is 20 years old now. As a result, a generation of people who now qualify as senior citizens have been around computers for decades.
Another thing is that new hardware and software have made computers more user-friendly than ever, so while at one point it was a chore just to add a mouse to a computer, these days just about anyone who can read and touch a screen can use a smartphone to create a Facebook account. The internet isn’t just for the young and the hip anymore, it’s for everyone.
The fact that more seniors use the internet is good news all around, especially for seniors who have mobility problems but want to stick with independent living for as long as possible. Ordering things online is easy, and it means you’ll get what you want delivered to your door instead of needing to climb into a car, pull something off a shelf, and then bring it from your car to your home. Doing all that with groceries is one thing, but even a lot of otherwise fit octogenarians have trouble moving furniture.
The internet also helps you maintain a social life without leaving your home. There’s no real substitute for direct human contact, but the internet lets you meet people from around the world who share your interests and it lets you chat with them in text, audio, and video. If you have an independent living situation but you don’t spend as much time around other people as you’d like, these online interactions can help fill in the gaps and help you set up meetings with family members and friends you happen to know in-person.
And if your independent living situation includes some amount of home care, the internet can also help with that. An online connection means you can contact the people who check up on you and get an instant response, and if they can’t respond it means you can leave them a message or an email that they’ll see as soon as they have a chance to check.
With so much convenience to offer and so many people using it, there’s no doubt that we now live in the Internet Age. And while everyone can enjoy this convenience, it’s especially important to senior citizens who can’t get around as much as they used to but still want to live independently.