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5 Energy Boosting Healthy Foods For Active Adults

December 1 2017

5 Energy Boosting Healthy Foods For Active Adults As we age, our energy levels begin to deplete. This is easy to see at most any age, and even the average 30-year-old will admit that their energy isn’t quite what it used to be when they were 18. For active adults, it can be difficult to want to lead an active lifestyle while stuck in the battle between you and your energy, but nutrition can make all the difference. Rather than reaching for the short-lived energy boost of a cup of coffee, 5 energy boosting healthy foods for active adults include:
1. Lemon water – Simple, refreshing, and good for anyone, lemon water is a natural energy booster that hydrates from the inside out. Ice water with a slice of lemon added in helps the body to replenish its stores of electrolytes, which the cells of the body need if they are expected to continue to produce energy. A cold glass of lemon water is perfect for replenishing after exercise or an active adult group workout.
2. Fresh fruits – Fresh fruits are a great energy booster that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. As a side dish, as a breakfast smoothie, or as a simple snack, fresh fruit helps to regulate blood sugar and keeps you feeling satisfied with plenty of fiber. Different fruits also have different additional benefits, and when mixed together can provide nutrition that focuses on several different body processes. Blueberries can help to improve memory, strawberries help to turn body fat into energy, and tropical fruits help to control how that energy is used within the body.
3. Dark chocolate – Recent studies are showing that there are few reasons not to enjoy a taste of dark chocolate after a meal! Dark chocolate is filled with theobromine, which is a natural stimulant, and one that has been shown to not only boost energy but have a positive impact on your mood as well.
4. Asparagus – When added to your salad or on the side of a meal, Asparagus is a great energy booster. It is naturally packed with B vitamins to support natural energy levels, as fiber helps to keep blood sugar levels steady for longer lasting natural energy.
5. Whole grains – Whole grain toast or a sandwich on whole grain bread packs your body with the good kind of carbohydrates. These complex carbs can prevent blood sugar crashes and according to the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, this results in fewer energy crashes and more lasting energy throughout the day.