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Fall Prevention For Seniors

December 22 2017

Fall Prevention For SeniorsOne of the most serious risks to a senior’s health is falling. As our bodies age, it is harder for us to endure impacts and recover from a bad accident. That is why it is very important to implement fall protection for your loved one. Here are some critical things you can do to help reduce the risk of fall for the senior citizen in your life.

Find A Good Exercise Routine

Active adults in good physical shape are much less likely to experience a fall. Exercise routines like Tai Chi, yoga, and dancing that focus on balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength can be very helpful. With better balance and coordination, a senior is less likely to fall. With more strength and flexibility, they’ll be able to catch themselves better if they do slip. So it is important to help encourage physical activity.

Talk To Your Geriatric Health Care Provider

Doctors can help assess your loved one’s risk of fall. They can help get them assistive tools like walkers and canes, check their sight and hearing, and review their medication levels to make sure they aren’t causing any dangerous side effects like vertigo or dizziness. With the advice of a good doctor, the active adult in your life can stay on their feet without fear of falling.

Get A Wearable Alert For Your Senior

Beyond the physical damage of a fall, often seniors are left alone for hours when they’ve fallen. A wearable alert can help make sure this doesn’t happen to your loved one. Wearable alerts are very easy to use. They simply hit a button when they’ve fallen and emergency services are notified and come to help. There are a variety of affordable options on the market for wearable alerts. Consumer Reports has a great comparative review of wearable alerts to help you pick one. 

Choose A Safe Retirement Community

A good retirement community understands the fall risks senior face. Their facilities will be equipped with safety features like railing and grab bars, slopes and ramps, strong lighting, and padded surfaces. When reviewing independent living options for the senior in your life, make sure to review these features with the property manager before choosing a place.
The facilities at Lockwood Senior living offer a variety of safety features to prevent a variety of health risks including falls. To learn more about what we offer our seniors, give us a call. We’ll happily give you a tour and show how we foster both independent living and safety.