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How Music Therapy Can Help Seniors With Dementia

December 29 2017

How Music Therapy Can Help Seniors With DementiaNumerous studies have shown that music therapy can help seniors struggling with dementia. Music therapy has a range of emotional, social, and cognitive benefits. Even at the most advanced stages of dementia, seniors can still connect with music. Incorporating music therapy into the routine of seniors is a great way to help them cope with the impact of their illness and foster independent living. It can also be a fun and interactive way to for seniors to connect with other people in their lives.

Music Can Trigger Memories

The sense memory is powerful for seniors struggling with dementia because it doesn’t heavily rely on cognitive processes. Music from important periods of their lives can trigger sense memory. This helps them reconnect with their identity, their family, and helps them remember key moments in their lives. The best way to trigger memories with music is to find pieces of music from their younger days. If you can, ask them what music they loved and play those albums. If you can’t, do a little research into popular songs of the time.

Music Can Help Encourage Positive Behaviors

Seniors who struggle with communication can really benefit from music therapy. Introducing new music into their lives can help them relax and destress. Slow songs, in particular, have a positive influence on helping with stress management, low self-esteem, and sleep disorders. Upbeat music, on the other hand, can encourage activity, help create new memories, and promote concentration.

Music Can Encourage Bonding

Music is a powerful tool for bonding. If a dementia patient has a hard time communicating, it can help create moments of connection with their loved ones. Musical rhythm can help create retrain the brain to create pathways that can help communication. If incorporated into dancing and singing in a group setting, it can help foster social interaction. Enjoying music together, no matter the setting can help you stay connected to your loved one.
Music is a very powerful therapy tool for dementia. Incorporated into their daily routine, senior citizens with dementia can experience a range of great benefits. At Lockwood Senior Living, we understand that there are a variety of unconventional ways to help senior citizens live their best lives. We have a variety of music programs available at our independent living community to help your loved ones receive all these benefits. If you’d like to learn more about our programs, contact us today.