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5 Pieces Of Technology That Can Help Senior Citizens

January 12 2018

5 Pieces Of Technology That Can Help Senior CitizensSenior citizens have been embracing technology at a faster rate than ever. Technology can help seniors manage their life and care, as well as, help them stay connected to their loved ones. If you are looking to introduce some technology into the life of the senior citizen in your family, here are five pieces to consider.


1. Tablets


Tablets are a great technology option for senior citizens. They are much easier to use than smartphones or laptops for individuals with mobility, sight, or hearing issues. Many tablets come with a variety of accessibility technology built right in, so you can program settings to make them easier to use. Also, the interface on tablets are much easier for seniors to manage and understand.


2. Fitness Bands


Fitness bands are a great technology option for seniors. Fitness bands monitor more than just activity levels, they can also alert seniors when their heart rate is irregular or their blood sugar is out of balance. Having 24/7 access to this information can help seniors manage their health and warn them when they need to see a physician.


3. GPS


If the senior in your life suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you may worry they will get lost. A GPS device can offer a variety of great solutions to reduce this risk. First, they are easily portable, so they can take them anywhere they go. Secondly, they can let you know where the senior is if they go missing. Finally, they can be pre-programmed so that seniors can always find their way home.


4. Reminder Devices


There are a variety of reminder devices from reminders clocks to voice controlled speakers like Echo. These devices can be programmed to remind seniors about everything from taking their medications to help them remember to do basic chores. Reminder devices can help seniors exercise their independence later in life.


5. Home Monitoring Systems


Home monitoring systems can literally save the life of a senior. They can detect emergency situations like falls, unusual behaviors, and overall security. Home monitoring systems are a great way to support independent living, while still maintaining ease of mind knowing you can still monitor their safety without being intrusive.
Our care providers at Lockwood Senior Living offer a variety of classes to teach seniors about the benefits of technology. We understand the importance of independent living and can help them learn how to use all of these life-changing devices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help the senior in your life!