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How Technology Can Transform Senior Care

January 19 2018

How Technology Can Transform Senior CareMany assistive living communities and other similar facilities have begun looking for new and innovative ways to provide a better experience for residents and attract new residents. They want to be able to provide the highest level of quality and superior care while also continuing to meet their staff and regulatory requirements.

Technology is always improving and evolving, and there are always substantial changes happening, so it makes sense that some of these changes are focused on the senior citizen and older adult age group.


Improved Health Monitors


Health monitors are one form of technology that is commonly used in senior care facilities. Health monitors can take regular readings and send the information to a central monitoring location which reduces the amount of time that seniors need to travel to and from the hospital or their doctor’s office to provide the same information.

This kind of technology may also offer insight into a medical problem ahead of time since the patient will not have to wait to go in to see the doctor. The readings are readily and regularly available, so steps can be taken ahead of time to ensure their health and well-being.


Smart Pill Technology


Smart pills are another up and coming form of technology that helps take the guesswork out of medication. Sometimes older adults may find it challenging and difficult at times to remember if they have taken their medication or not. Smart pills contain edible sensors and are taken just like regular medication. The sensors send information once the pill is ingested, to a mobile device, so it is easy to track the use of medication. It will help keep track of what was taken, what time it was taken, and how much was taken.


The Future of Augmented Reality


The breakthrough of augmented reality provides senior citizens the opportunity to remain active both physically and emotionally. It can also be used by medical professionals in the future. It is being said that in the future, nurses and doctors will be able to use augmented reality in the form of glasses to be able to look at a patient’s medical notes which can ultimately save a lot of time and will provide critical information quickly and effectively.

As you can see, technology is quickly changing the way we go about transforming senior care and with each passing year we see more and more positive advances in the right direction.