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Preventing Falls with a Safety Checklist

April 6 2018

 Preventing Falls with a Safety ChecklistIt has been found that more than 75% of reported falls involving senior citizenshave actually occurred in their home. It is imperative that as a senior, you havea checklist in place to help you find and eliminate any hazards that may be lurking within your home to effectively help you reduce any risk you may have of falling.
Every year thousands of people fall while at home and among those thousands of people, several of them sustain serious injuries resulting from the fall. Additionally, much of the time, the majority of these falls could have been prevented if a few trivial things were not overlooked.
The following checklist will highlight just a few things you should be looking forin the home to help eliminate the chances you have at a fall and improve your chances of a safe and secure home.


Always Check the Floors


Go around the home and check each room individually. When you walk through the room, do you find that you have to maneuver through a lot of furniture or do you have any rugs on the floor?
Too much furniture and rugs on the floor can actually increase your chances ofa trip and fall. Have someone go through the room and rearrange or move out any furniture that may get in the way and remove the rugs or secure them withdouble­sided tape, so they do not roll and slip around on the floor.
Finally, always make sure no other obstacles are littering the floor such as books, boxes, shoes, towels, cords or anything else that can be easily overlooked and then tripped over.


Check the Stairs and Other Steps


Next, you will want to investigate the stairs in the home as well as any steps there may be outside the home. Are there any objects on the stairs that can cause potential hazards? If so, remove them. You should never keep any kind of objects on the stairs at any time.
Are there any steps that you have found to be loose or uneven? If so, have someone take a look and fix any of these problems. You will then want to besure that the light that is over the stairwell is in working order, so you never have to use the steps in the dark. There should be a light at the bottom and topof the stairs to help illuminate the way. Finally, check the handrails to make sure they are secure and tightened.


A Few Other Things to Check


You will also want to make sure that nothing you use often is contained on a high shelf that you cannot easily reach. Move any items stored higher to lower cabinets that you can get to, and if you have a step stool, you should regularly check it to be sure no components are broken or loose.
Never use a chair or a step stool that is broken because this can seriously increase your chances of a fall while at home.Following this simple checklist is a good start in ensuring that your home is safe and will significantly help eliminate any instances of trips and falls within the home