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The Rules of Senior Housing

April 13 2018

rules of senior housingSenior housing is a facility that is dedicated to providing comfortable living accommodations for seniors that have decided it is time to downsize and would rather be in a place that can help them if they ever needed help whether it be medically or with other daily tasks they may find harder to do than before.
Senior housing is age restricted, and the typical age for this type of housing typically falls around the 55­year mark but could go as high as 62, depending on the apartments or facility you are interested in.
When deciding to move to this type of community, there may be many questions that you will want to find answers to before you go through with it. For example, what are the rules that will need to be followed?


Why Choose Senior Living?


First, let’s explore the reasons you would choose senior living. Many people seek out this type of community when they feel that they want to downsize from their bigger home or they want to stay away from other apartment complexes or housing that may have a lot more noise or activity.
Many senior housing facilities also offer their residents premium amenities such as travel accommodations, meal service, and housekeeping services, just to name a few. Who Can Visit?Another big question to ask is who can visit. Most people will want to know if their children and grandchildren will be able to visit them in senior housing. The answer is usually going to be yes!
Even in an age­-restricted community, it is still okay to have young visitors as long as they follow all the community rules and do not live on the premises. A common misconception about age­-restricted communities and senior housing is that they choose to live there, so they do not have to be around kids. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
A lot of seniors look forward to the visits and proudly introduce their grandchildren to their neighbors and peers. Some facilities even offer kid­-friendly activities, so you have something you can do when they visit. You can see this a lot more in active living communities.
Therefore, while you weigh your options and do your research to help decide if senior housing is the right move for you, just remember that just because it may be age restricted, this in no way means you have to give up any visitation or time with your children or grandchildren.