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Exercises for Senior Citizens

May 18 2018

Exercises for Senior CitizensAs a senior citizen, exercise is important and can actually do wonders to improve an individual’s strength and balance. Having this improved strength and balance can also help eliminate further risk of slip and falls and allows the senior citizen to have more confidence while walking and participating in other activities.

When starting off, it is recommended to start with simple and straightforward exercises that are easy to do and as you get more comfortable, you can try other exercises.


Importance of Exercise


As mentioned above, exercise is a good way to help avoid any dangerous slip and falls due to improper balance, however, there are other advantages of exercise for senior citizens as well.




Exercising will help to improve flexibility while also stretching muscles and helping the body stay loose and limber. Doing so may also help reduce any pain you may feel if you were less active before.

Static stretches and dynamic stretches are great exercises to participate in to help improve flexibility, allow you to feel more limber, and will help improve your range of motion.




Strength exercises help work the muscles and improve a person’s overall strength. Lifting weights or using a resistance band during a workout can help strengthen muscles and improve endurance, but it is always recommended to start out slowly.




Speaking of endurance, exercise such as daily aerobic activities can help improve a person’s heart rate and breathing. This can be done by walking, jogging, or even swimming, dancing, and biking.




Exercise also presents a good opportunity for some socialization, especially if you are living in a retirement community or other senior housing location. Not only does exercise have health benefits, it can also help mentally by keeping you physically and socially active.
No matter what exercise regime you adopt, you will want to make sure that you include some form of resistance and strength training, so you can build up your muscles and help improve flexibility and elasticity.
Having this newfound freedom of movement, will improve your overall quality of life and will help make ordinary and daily tasks such as climbing stairs or getting out of a chair a lot easier to do.