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Maybe It’s Time For An E-Reader

May 11 2018

Maybe It’s Time For An E-ReaderIf you’re living in a retirement community and you find that you’ve now got more time on your hands, reading is truly one of life’s great pastimes. Whether you’re interested in fiction or non-fiction, reading for pleasure is something that has always been time consuming, and now, you’ve got much more time to do it. Fortunately, in the 21st century, reading is now easier than ever to do, and one of the latest advances in technology, the e-reader, may be the perfect way for you to indulge in this hobby.


More Convenience


The best thing about an e-reader for people now living in a retirement community is how much easier it makes reading for just about anyone. An e-reader is an electronic device that stores books digitally and presents them in a customizable format, using “electronic-ink.” This means that the size of the print on the “page” can now be configured to be as large as you need it. No more print that’s too small to read!
Another great thing about e-readers is their size. They’re about the size of a paperback, and in most cases, even lighter. However, they eliminate the need for you to turn pages, or worry about holding a heavy hardcover book for long periods of time. Best of all, they can store every single digital book you buy, so you don’t have to go sorting through a bookshelf anymore, and can carry your books with your wherever you go. You don’t even have to worry about having a reading light, since many e-readers can light up their own screens and provide you with illumination.
This is the perfect marriage of technology, convenience, customization and comfort for people living in a retirement community. Reading for pleasure has never been so easy on you or your eyes! Let us worry about things like transportation or housekeeping, while you stay informed and read up on the world!