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Planning Your Visit to a Senior Living Facility

June 22 2018

Planning Your Visit to a Senior Living FacilityIf you have decided to make a drastic change in your life and want to downsize and move into a senior living facility and have access to a list of premium amenities and services and the peace of mind of being within a community, then you are probably already on your way to planning a visit to a facility nearby.
Before you begin the hunt for the perfect senior living facility, you may want to make a checklist of all the things you will want to have access to as well as the services you will need. Finding the best facility and one that offers a high level of quality care and attention is a priority for both yourself and your loved ones.


Planning Ahead


When you decide to make the move, it is definitely important to plan ahead as much as you can. This means that you should expect some facilities to have long waiting lists. Before narrowing down your selection, it is important to visit the facility often and acclimate yourself to the new surroundings. Doing so will help make the transition process a bit easier to handle.
Also, you will want to begin to downsize the possessions you have in your current home because you will be most likely moving from a larger home into a smaller space. However, make sure you pack items that will make living in the senior facility more like living in home.
For example, photo albums, your favorite chair, your linens, and other knickknacks you hold dear are all good items to have to turn an unfamiliar space into one that will be your home sweet home.


Your Checklist


When looking at senior living facilities, you may want to keep the following questions in mind:
1. What is the staff to resident ratio of the facility?
2. Is there access to an on-site nurse or other medical assistance?
3. How long is the waitlist?
4. Is there an outdoor space you can enjoy?
5. What amenities and services are offered?
6. What are the billing payment prices and options?
7. Are the services included in the monthly fee, or do you pay separate for each one?
8. What kind of apartments and spaces are currently available?
9. Do you have to have an assessment done prior to being able to move in?
10. Can your grandchildren and children visit the facility or are there restrictions?
Keeping this list and all these questions in mind is a great start for finding the absolute best senior living facility that will cater to your specific wants and needs.