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Easy Exercises For Active Adults

July 27 2018

Easy Exercises For Active Adults One fear that many seniors have is that they will become inactive after moving into a retirement community. The act is possible if a person continually watches television, lays in bed, or sits and does nothing all day. They can start packing on pounds in their midsection and gain stiff joints that make moving around nearly impossible if they fail to partake in some form of exercise. Luckily, elders don't have to accept this fate. Continue reading to learn about some easy activities for active adults.
Workouts don't have to be extraordinarily strenuous or time-consuming to be effective. In fact, if they are too demanding, people can strain muscles and get achy joints, which make simple tasks like walking or reaching for something challenging. Rolling out of bed in the morning or standing up from a chair become difficult when folks overexert themselves. Seniors can remain active adults with these simple exercises.

1. Take A Walk Around The Retirement Community

Walking is a great way to get the blood flowing, and it keeps many health-related ailments at bay. Active adults can even get their kids or grandchildren involved when they are visiting. Plus, the exercise is free, and seniors don't have to purchase any expensive equipment. Taking a stroll also allows you to meet neighbors around the community. With any luck, seniors may find others partaking in the same activity and gain a workout buddy.

2. Active Adults Should Consider Yoga

Not all yoga poses require people to turn into human pretzels. Many of the positions can be done by anyone, including seniors, without twisting or contorting the body in unimaginable ways. Yoga increases strength, balance, and improves lung capacity with breathing exercises. It can also help a person tone various muscles. The activity can be completed alone or in a class with others. The latter option will help you meet like-minded active adults.

3. Swimming Can Also Prove To Be A Beneficial Activity

If your retirement community has a pool, or a public swimming pool is nearby, take full advantage of the facility. The exercise is gentle on the joints, increases flexibility, and improves muscles strength. It promotes a healthy heart, enhances endurance, and keeps the swimmer at the top of their game. Now is as good a time as any to get active, so think about adding one or more of these exercises to your daily routine.