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Tips for Downsizing Your Documents

July 6 2018

Tips for Downsizing Your DocumentsMoving to a senior living facility is a big transition that you will be making, and you have probably already begun the long and tedious process of downsizing your possessions prior to the move.
However, did you stop and consider that in addition to your possessions, you should also take a closer look at your documents and paperwork?


Mountain of Paperwork


The average person will accumulate a mountain of paperwork during their lifetime whether they are bank statements, tax returns, or even receipts from past shopping trips. When you begin the process of downsizing, it is important also to remember to go through these piles of paperwork to determine what you should keep and what you would be okay without.


Important Documents


Important documents such as birth and marriage certificates, insurance information, bank information, social security cards, property documents, and other papers of this sort should be deemed important. Wills, financial documents, proof of disability, and power of attorney documents should also be filed away in a safe area.


What are Your Priorities?


After setting aside the more important legal documents, you will then need to begin the task of sorting through the rest of the paperwork. Are there any papers you feel that you should keep in the short term? Perhaps you can make a copy or scan the document into a computer, so it is still accessible, and you still have a record of it, but it isn’t cluttering up your file folder.
If you are ever unsure whether or not a document is essential or a priority, you can always ask your attorney or another consultant or family member to help you organize and declutter the documents.


Proper Disposal


For whatever documents you have decided to get rid of, you should always make sure that they are being properly disposed of- especially if the documents contain any vital information about yourself.
A shredder is a great tool to use to destroy papers that may have your name, social, or account numbers on them and the shredded papers can then be recycled. Otherwise, you can enlist the services of a reputable company to help shred and dispose of the documents properly and safely.
So, when you begin to downsize your home to prepare for your transition to a senior living facility, make sure that you are not overlooking the paperwork in the process because it is just as important as everything else within the home, if not more so.