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Waltzing to Healthy Living

July 13 2018

Waltzing to Healthy LivingDancing is a fun and engaging activity for all ages, but it is especially important for seniors and comes with several advantages you may not even realize right away. Dancing is a good aerobic exercise and can work out both the body and the mind.


Dance Benefits for Seniors


In addition to getting you up and moving and participating in a very fun and physical activity, dancing also helps to connect you to the music and can even help promote emotional well-being and mental vitality.
Dancing can certainly go a long way in reminding you of the past when you used to go to dances and engage in this activity on a more regular basis. It will take you back to your younger years when you were waltzing with your friends and enjoying the beat.
With these memories, you can also capture new life experiences and can find different ways to express yourself through movement. By doing so, you are also effectively strengthening and toning your muscles, building up your bone strength, and toning your entire body.
Additionally, dancing can also help improve posture and balance which can ultimately help you to avoid and prevent any falls later. Other benefits include:
• Reducing stress and promoting relaxation
• Drastically improve flexibility and stamina
• Build up confidence and self-esteem
• Help prevent other diseases and illnesses like depression and high blood pressure


Fostering Community


Dancing is also a beneficial way to get out and meet new people. It promotes community building and puts you in touch with peers so that you can form new relationships and connections to those sharing the same interests as you.
The art of dancing allows for opportunities to socialize and takes an active lifestyle to that next level when the joy is shared with those around you.


Mental Benefits


In addition to all the physical benefits that can be derived from dancing, there are also many mental advantages to this activity. Some studies have actually shown that dancing may help Alzheimer’s patients recall some forgotten memories when they dance to music that is familiar to them.
According to the Alzheimer’s Project, frequent dancing accounted for a staggering 76% risk reduction of dementia, cognitive and physical. Dancing requires us to use several different brain functions at one time which helps increase our connectivity and improves our mental awareness and acuity.