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Senior Living Tips To Get The Most Out Of Storage Space

August 3 2018

Senior Living Tips To Get The Most Out Of Storage SpaceRegardless of where people live, folks usually share one thing in common, which is they never have enough storage space. When elders decide it is time to move out of a one, two, or three-story home into a retirement community, they downsize accordingly to ensure that their new residence does not become overcrowded or cluttered. However, seniors are consumers, just like everyone else, and they will accumulate new products, gadgets, clothing, and more over time.
Unfortunately, they don't always have the room to keep everything nice, tidy, and in a specific place. Luckily, your new home does not have to look like that of a hoarder. Consider these senior living tips, and think outside-the-box to get all of your belongings neatly tucked away.
1. Utilize An Ottoman For More Than Just Propping Feet
When visitors come over, extra seating is needed for them to rest and relax. However, additional chairs, sofas, and love seats can take up an entire room. Think about purchasing an ottoman to prop your feet up when no one is around, and the piece can also serve as a seat whenever the need arises. If the top of the device opens revealing a storage compartment, put magazines, books, or even shoes inside to reduce clutter. Get creative with your senior living adjustment, and the sky is the limit.
2. Get A Lazy Susan Or Spice Rack
People that enjoy cooking or baking usually have many different kinds of spices, herbs, and other ingredients. Unfortunately, when there is no space for the bottles or jars, they often wind up on top of the counter or back of the stove. The containers are unappealing and enough to make a person want to pull out their hair. A Lazy Susan or spice rack can prove to be the perfect senior living solution. They allow the goods to stay organized and in an easily-accessible location.
3. Pick Up A Hanging Shoe Rack
A closet floor can become overrun with shoes, boots, and other sorts of footwear in a hurry. The act is dangerous because a person can trip over the items, fall, and hurt themselves. Avoid these types of incidents with a hanging shoe rack. There are many types and kinds available, and consumers can quickly find the right one to accommodate their senior living style. The shoes stay organized and easy to find right on the back of the closet door. Plus, a person can gain additional storage by utilizing small dressers, cabinets, or containers in the freed up floor space.