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The Benefits Of Social Media For Senior Citizens

August 31 2018

The Benefits Of Social Media For Senior CitizensAccording to a Penn State University research study, senior citizens are the single fastest growing demographic on Facebook. Senior citizens take to Facebook to keep in touch with faraway family, to reconnect with old friends, to interact with brands, and to enjoy all of the fun parts of social media we’ve all come to know and love. Social media also holds plenty of benefits for seniors, some of which include:
• Keeping in touch – For senior citizens, growing up and moving away in their younger days meant inevitably losing touch with best friends and loved ones over time. For decades, they may have wondered how these friends have been doing, where their lives have taken them, and with social media they can finally reconnect.
• Taking advantage of social media opportunities – Brands flock to social media to grow their followings and develop their online voice. On their pages you’re like to find coupons, promotions, contests, and other deals. Senior citizens can take to social media platforms like Facebook to take advantage of these specials and deals.
• Keep social – For senior citizens that live far away from their family or friends, meeting new friends can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Social media spans towns, states, and even countries to make communication as simple as sitting in the room with someone regardless of the miles between you. Social media platforms like Facebook help seniors to stay mentally fit and healthy through easy socialization with loved ones.
• Entertainment – Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages dedicated to older television shows, movies, and entertainment. Senior citizens can use these platforms to rediscover the entertainment pieces they loved growing up.
• Communication with brands – Brands don’t just use social media to advertise promotions, these pages have also become customer service hubs. For senior citizens who want to learn more about brands, ask a question, or speak to a representative, social media offers a really simple way to reach out and have questions answered.