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Ways To Meet The Neighbors In A Retirement Community

August 10 2018

 Ways To Meet The Neighbors In A Retirement CommunityChoosing to move into a retirement community is a big decision and one that most seniors don't take lightly. They have spent years working, raising children, and making a house their home.
However, after retiring, and the kiddos are grown with lives of their own, the residence can seem empty, and the elders grow tired of the same old daily routines. Additionally, as the structure ages, it will require more upkeep and maintenance. With no one around to help, the repairs are nearly impossible to complete. If a person is not careful, the building will begin to deteriorate around them.
However, many seniors are fearful of leaving their old friends behind, and they are not always sure how to get acquainted with new neighbors. Don't fret and become stressed out thinking about this type of dilemma. Instead, continue reading for useful tips that will assist you in introducing yourself and mingling with brand-new friendly faces.

1. Host A Retirement Community Meet And Greet

People love free food and drinks. Hosting a barbecue, small get-together, or another type of function is an excellent way for residents to familiarize themselves with one another. It is notable to mention that the management team should be notified of the plans beforehand to ensure that no policies get broken. Once all of the legal stuff is out of the way, and the party begins, guests will be able to find people that have similar interests. With any luck, maybe a person will even locate a new BFF.

2. Don't Underestimate Social Media

Almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social media account these days. While millennials take the cake when it comes to using the platforms, seniors also use them to keep up with things going on in the world. Next time you are surfing the web and notice a new retirement community member's name, send them a friend request. If they accept, talking to them online can break the ice for future face-to-face meetings.

3. Who Doesn't Like Cookies?

Seniors that are a whiz in the kitchen should consider baking some tasty treats and taking them next door. Not only will the neighbors appreciate the delicious goodies, but the action opens the door for a conversation to take place. The offering can lead to a host of other interactions like them inviting you over for coffee, brunch, or something else.