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The Top Benefits Of Swimming For Seniors

September 7 2018

The Top Benefits Of Swimming For SeniorsWater aerobics don’t just give active adults a comfortable way to keep in shape, they’re also pretty fun! Swimming for senior citizens is a way to socialize, maintain balance, build strength, and relieve arthritis pain, while they also enjoy the company of family and friends. The top benefits of swimming for senior citizens include:
• Less pain with exercise – For seniors with joint pain or arthritis, staying active can be a pretty painful or uncomfortable experience. With swimming, the water provides a certain level of buoyancy that keeps exercises low-impact and joint-friendly. In the water, active adults can even enjoy going for a jog!
• Natural resistance – Building muscle strength is all about resistance, and what swimming offers is a natural way to experience just that. Where swimming has the benefit over other types of resistance exercise is that it’s completely customizable and controllable, and even more so than using weights or other types of resistance training. The faster you go, the more resistance the water pushes back with, so one simply needs to slow down to lessen the intensity of their workout.
• Reduction of pain through increased flexibility – Water provides buoyant support, making swimming a smooth workout for the back, hips, neck, and other problem joint areas. Because of this, seniors can work on improving the flexibility of these joints safely, which can result in less pain going forward.
• Balance-safe – When exercising on hard ground, a fall can be a big problem. In water, however, losing balance won’t result in a person hitting the ground as they’re simply cradled by the water. For seniors with balance or dizziness problems, or those looking to improve their balance, there is no safer way to go about it.
• Improved cognition and mental status – Not only does exercise improve the mind, but socialization does, too, and swimming offers both. Water classes for senior citizens are a great social outlet, and one that improves the mind through communication and socialization alongside physical activity.
For active adults, swimming offers a way to stay active while also having a great time. Through swimming, seniors can improve their balance, build strength, and make social connections to help them in making their golden years their best ones yet.