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Tips For Introducing Seniors To Technology

September 14 2018

 Tips For Introducing Seniors To TechnologyAccording to a 2017 PEW research study, 4 in 10 senior citizens now own smartphones, a number that is up more than double from 2013. While this may seem like a lot, it’s still only about 40%, and more than half of the senior citizens of the United States still haven’t embraced the most common of today’s modern technologies yet. This isn’t for lack of want if trends are to be believed, and even more senior citizens will be picking up smartphones and other technologies moving forward.
When it comes to senior citizens and technology, it’s important to remember just how different today’s modern world is from the one they’ve grown up in. Because of this, today’s tech can seem quite overwhelming, and teaching seniors about today’s technology is a great way to bond and form a connection while helping them to move forward in today’s complex digital world.
One very common barrier that stands between senior citizens and today’s tech is what they perceive as a lack of relevancy to their interests. Senior citizens will often prefer in-person meetings and phone calls over messaging, social media, or emails, and these preferences are just fine. However, what they may not realize is that modern tech is a whole lot more than that. An example would be showing a loved one who loves DIY projects the DIY side of YouTube on their smartphone, and how they can learn how to fix, make, or improve any project with a simple search from the palm of their hand.
Next, it’s important to remember that what may seem like second nature to younger generations in regards to technology can be an entirely different world for senior citizens. For this reason, it’s important to remain patient and realize that such readily available high-tech devices can be overwhelming. When showing a loved one a new favorite tech gadget, take things one step at a time and have fun with the learning process.
Lastly, you want to keep tech accessible to senior citizens. Smartphones can be difficult to read and navigate, but accessibility apps can make things easier. If the buttons are difficult to navigate on a smartphone, or the screen is too small, a tablet or laptop computer may be a better fit. With the right tech gadgets, seniors can have a much easier time learning, playing, and figuring it all out.