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3 Ideas For Work After Retirement

October 26 2018

3 Ideas For Work After RetirementDifferent jobs have different retirement standards, and while many companies still offer pensions it’s more common to see matching funds for retirement plans and non-standard jobs that don’t offer the same benefits. Because of this, it’s less common these days to see someone with a large, stable income after they reach retirement age.
It’s not all bad news, however. One reason why pensions are going out of fashion is because people are living longer, healthier lives that take them well past 70 years. More senior citizens than ever are able to keep working long into their twilight years, and that gives them a steady income and a reason to engage with the world at a time when many people find themselves becoming isolated. However, your body can’t put up with as much when you grow older, so it’s important to choose a job that fits with your senior living situation.
1. Consultancy
If you have decades of experience working at a white-collar job, you can often assist companies that need that experience as a consultant. Consultants can command high fees, although in part that’s because they’re contract workers who don’t get any benefits. Still, it’s a good way to make money on your own terms if your skills are still in high demand.
2. Make Your Hobby Your Profession
You might be surprised at just how many hobbies out there can make you money if you’re good at it. If you like crafting things out of wood or yarn at home, you can sell what you make online. If you love taking pictures, you could sell your services as a photographer to people who want wedding photos or senior pictures.
3. Retrain For A New Career
It’s never too late to start over. Community colleges and special programs like the Senior Community Service Employment Program can provide you with training for a new job that fits your interests. After all, there’s always a worker shortage in one field or another.
Moving to a senior living center could also be a good career move. The staff of a retirement community can handle jobs you might not be able to do yourself, and if they’re helping with that then you can spend more time focusing on your new career. Senior living centers also organize activities and trips for residents, and one of those may inspire you to start a new career with something you never would have considered otherwise.