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Generation Changes that could have an Impact on Caregivers

November 23 2018

Generation Changes that could have an Impact on CaregiversThroughout the next two decades or so, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has predicted that the number of available caregivers for seniors will decline. They are referring to this problem as the 2030 problem.
When it comes time for a senior citizen to move into assisted living or even stay in their home, their family members and other caregivers are an integral part of the transition once it has been determined that the extra help is needed.
If the number of caregivers continues to shrink, then institutional care may be one of the only options left to consider for long-term care; however, more options will be needed due to the growing number of Alzheimer’s cases and the predicted caregiver shortage.

Challenges Seniors May Face

When there is a shortage of caregivers, many people may face both emotional and physical distress. This is especially true of seniors that might not be able to afford long-term care in certain institutions. With the shortage, the current caregivers will also see an influx of care that is needed, and they will find themselves working longer hours which can lead to a decrease in the level of care that is being provided.
Finally, the financial strain the seniors will experience may also increase because there will be no one else to help with the burden and they will be dealing with it alone.

Assisted Living Options for Seniors

Assisted living and senior care facilities are available solutions for seniors to take advantage of today. If they do not have family members or other caregivers that have the time to devote to their care, then they can rest assured knowing that in these facilities, they will be taken care of.
Assisted living provides senior citizens with the daily assistance and medical care they need. To better adjust to an assisted living community, family members can help seniors acclimate to their new surroundings by keeping communication open, visiting as often as possible, and maintaining ties to other family and friends in the area.
Although there may be a caregiver shortage in the future and the younger generation can’t find the time to provide the care themselves for their loved ones, then assisted living facilities are a good alternative for seniors. They allow seniors to continue living their lives while being in a community where they can receive the help and care they need.