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The Healing Power of Laughter

December 14 2018

The Healing Power of LaughterBelieve it or not, laughter really is medicine for the body and soul. While laughter can’t necessarily heal and cure disease, there are still many health benefits that can be derived from laughter, happiness, and a positive attitude.

Health Benefits of Laughter

The following are just a few of the best health benefits laughter can provide:
• Boosts the immune system and helps increase endorphin levels. The body’s endorphins are actually a natural painkiller and when we laugh often, these levels improve
• Lower blood pressure and cholesterol by increasing oxygenation of the blood and improving circulation
• Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. When we laugh, our dopamine levels also increase, and these stress-reducing chemicals naturally found in our body can help decrease any stress or anxiety we may be feeling
Laughter is also good when it comes to coping with different life issues a senior may be experiencing. They may be having difficulties dealing with the transition into a retirement community or assisted living facility, they may be feeling lonely and isolated as well, and all of these factors can turn into stress and depression.
If they are experiencing limited mobility or sickness, then they may also become aggressive due to their circumstances. In these cases, laughter can help seniors learn how to control these feelings and reactions and provide them with a sense of control.
Laughter can also help reduce aggression and create a friendlier environment for everyone. So, as you can see; there are many health benefits when it comes to laughter and happiness.

Introducing Laughter into a Senior’s Life

Sometimes it may be hard to laugh and maintain a positive attitude. This is especially true of seniors who may have made the transition to an assisted living community or those living alone.
To help introduce laughter into a senior’s life, finding a compatible partner and friend is a good way to develop a positive attitude and provide some much-needed socialization. Additionally, taking up a fun new hobby, watching funny shows and movies, and even reading fun and lighthearted books are all great ways to begin to introduce some laughter and happiness into a person’s life.
Humor and laughter can provide seniors with a multitude of benefits ranging from physical and mental benefits to social benefits. Laughter helps resolve conflict and enhances a person’s lifestyle while attracting others to bond and communicate with.