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Family Involvement in Assisted Living

January 18 2019

Family Involvement in Assisted LivingWhen you make the decision to downsize and move into an assisted living community, you want to be sure that you are comfortable, and you maintain the love and support of your family. This is why family involvement and visits are so important when seniors make this transition.

Visiting Regularly

One of the best things family members can do is visit their loved ones regularly and consistently. Doing so will help ensure that proper care is being given and it helps fight any chance of depression or loneliness settling in.
When visiting, allow your family members to stay for a good amount of time as well. Take advantage of the visit and make sure this dedicated quality time lasts.

Plan How to Use the Visiting Time

When you know your loved ones will be visiting, you can plan how you intend to spend their visit. Are there things you want to discuss or share with them? Maybe there is an activity you would like to do as a family. Use your time to the best of your ability while making memories with your loved ones.

Always be Positive

Positivity is also important when transitioning to assisted living. Positivity is important for physical and emotional health and well-being so when you communicate with loved ones, stay positive and respectful and take the time to listen to any comments or concerns they may have.

Include the Children

Having the kids visit is also beneficial and can prove to be even more fun for everyone. It is also a very meaningful experience that they will remember as they grow older and will appreciate the time they got to spend with their loved ones.

Other Tips for Family Visits

Don't feel like you have to remain indoors when your loved ones come to visit you. Feel free to leave and go for a walk around the property or senior living community. Go to lunch, go shopping, or whatever other activity you all enjoy.
The main objective of these visits is to make memories and take advantage of the quality time you all have to spend together. Be sure to tell everyone you love them and be present. Don't let distractions like your phone or other devices take you away from the time you are spending with your family.
These visits are beneficial to fostering positive and nurturing relationships and also have benefits for your overall health and well-being.