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Senior Activities to Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

February 8 2019

Senior Activities to Avoid a Sedentary LifestyleFalling into the sedentary trap is easy for many seniors living out their retirement. However, for their overall health, well-being, and happiness, it's important to break the habits that can cause you to fall into this trap and instead participate in activities that encourage fitness, health, and happiness.

Exercise Versus Inactivity

If you don’t engage in physical activity, you may find that everyday tasks like dressing and bathing increasingly become more difficult. If you have arthritis, you may also find that the pain in your joints and the swelling also becomes worse.
Also, limited physical activity can also have detrimental effects on your mood and depression may be much more likely if you don't stay active.
The following are just a few activities you can do as a senior to stay active:

Take a Walk

Taking a walk doesn't require any money and being outdoors can do plenty for your physical and emotional health. Even just a thirty-minute walk each day can help decrease the risk of cardiac arrest, and it has also been found to help prevent dementia.

Wash the Dishes

You can use something you would typically do anyway to encourage movement and activity on a regular basis. Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and countertops effectively increases your physical activity levels each day which can also help lower your blood sugar levels.


Another physical, yet relaxing, activity you can engage in is gardening. It provides you with some moderate exercise, gets you outdoors, and can also be mentally and spiritually stimulating to help improve your mental health and well-being.
If you find that you have limited mobility but still want to be an active adult, there are other exercises you can do daily that don't require much physical exertion.

Chair Exercises

Chair exercises and chair yoga are two ways to get your activity levels up while also being able to stay seated or use a walker. These exercises can help reduce the swelling you may experience in your feet and ankles as well. If you prefer to stand, you can gain some needed stability with your walker while still taking part in the exercises.
You can also take the opportunity to socialize with other seniors in your living facility as you participate in these activities. Taking a walk with a friend after dinner or tag teaming a community garden are all ways to get exercise while also making friends.