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MMOs Are Perfect For Senior Living

April 19 2019

MMOs Are Perfect For Senior LivingFor some people that make the change to senior living, the mind is sharp, but the body may not be as limber and mobile as it used to be, meaning that some things may require assistance, such as dining, a service we provide. In situations like this, there have been traditional solutions for hobby and entertainment such as reading books, watching films or television. However, for a new generation of seniors who have grown up with technology, there’s another alternative, the interactivity of the MMO.

A World To Explore

Unlike most hobbies, video games are interactive, requiring people to participate, not just passively consume. The MMO game, or Massively Multi-player Online game, connects players to an entire virtual world where thousands of other players are in the same world, pursuing their own goals, agendas, and activities for the day.
For senior living, this is a great way to spend hours a day interacting with others, while still being engaged, and participating in low-intensity activities. It does require a little bit of technical proficiency, but computers and MMOs are, by modern design, much easier to learn and use these days.

A Long Term Hobby

One of the best things about MMOs, aside from interacting with other people, is the sheer size of such games. There is usually a huge range of activities to participate in, and the games can take months, or even years, to see all that it has to offer. However, most MMOs also constantly grow, with new content added regularly, making them bigger and bigger.
For many younger players, their greatest regret is that the commitments of day-to-day life mean they don’t have as much time as they’d like to play the games. But for senior living, this kind of massive content is something that the lifestyle is perfect for, creating formidable “cyber seniors” that can make impressive progress in such games because they do have the time to invest. It’s another way besides the activities that services like ours provide, that can keep seniors connected and engaged.